An introduction to content creation

Bespoke branded content

Brand content creation and brand creation for Georgina Day

What is content creation?

Brand content creation is an area of brand communication that covers the production of original material such as photography, copywriting, illustration, film and much more.

An introduction to branded content

Brand film and brand content creation Royal Mail Football Heroes

Common types of brand content

LBD Studio brand copywriting and naming strategy for Max McCance
Content creation

Brand copywriting

Brand copywriting refers to the act of writing text for the purpose of explaining or promoting brand content in a defined tone of voice.

Example of illustration for the Institute of Leadership and Management
Content creation

Brand illustration

Brand illustration refers to the process of visualising an image or idea as part of a wider visual system.

Brand photography and naming strategy for EverWax Olive Halley Stevensons by LBD Studio
Content creation

Brand photography

Brand photography refers to the creation of an image that represents a brand, service or product as part of a wider visual system.

LBD Studio social media content and social media channels for Heath Diamonds and The Feather Company
Content creation

Social media content

Social media content is a type of digital media created for platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Description of animation modelling and 3d printing
Content creation

Brand animation

Brand animation is the process of creating animated brand elements that are both visually appealing and communicate something about a brand.

LBD Studio brand film for Halley Stevensons
Content creation

Brand film

Brand film is the process of planning, capturing and editing film for the purposes of brand building.

Why is brand content important?

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