Redefining beauty

Georgina day

Brand identity for Georgina Day, make-up artist for the fashion and music industries. The identity centres around an understated, interlocking monogram that is reflective of her high-end clientele — this aesthetic then translates directly to photography, website and print.

Print: Kingsbury    Paper: Fedrigoni


Georgina Day monogram
Georgina Day monogram development

Fast, responsive, visual

The identity system is modular and can be used as a wordmark, a symbol or a combination of the two. Natural textures and pigments were used to support the identity, bringing her practice back to basics and in line with her process.

Georgina Day branded portfolio website
Georgina Day printed collateral

Captured and curated

We then spent time developing a portfolio of imagery that capture our gentle, natural aesthetic — this collection spanned several years with the support from various models and photographers.

Georgina Day photographic art direction
Georgina Day photographic art direction