Issara Resortwear

Designed for Island Life

Issara Resortwear brand photography art direction by LBD Studio

Designing a new brand for Issara Resortwear, producers of low-impact, sustainable garments

As part of our ongoing partnership with Hemyca London, we collaborated with their leadership team to create a new resortwear brand focused on territories that experience extreme heat and humidity. Building upon traditional Thai principles, all Issara Resortwear garments are sustainably produced and are designed to be worn in extreme climates. This brings a level of sophistication to a notoriously difficult category within the fashion industry.


Type of work

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Design, Content Creation
Fashion and Beauty
Bangkok, Thailand
Issara Resortwear brand identity by LBD Studio
Issara Resortwear Designed For Island Life

The Issara brand identity is simple yet elegant — much like the garments themselves. Taking its inspiration from established visual identities from the fashion and textile industries, we designed a bespoke wordmark to express understated quality and sophistication. Sustainable materials were used throughout the design process, building upon the proposition ‘design for island life’.

As an entirely new product range and proposition, the Issara Resortwear brand needed to engage investors as well as appeal to local and international customers. Various packaging concepts were devised, each using sustainable materials and processes, to help connect the two.

Issara Resortwear packaging and brand identity by LBD Studio

'Issara Resortwear presented a number of opportunities and allowed us to continue our collaborative relationship with Hemyca London.'

Liam Bonar
Creative Director, LBD Studio
Issara Resortwear packaging tote bags by LBD Studio