Brand identity for Roc Noir, a boutique retailer of custom-built ski equipment and clothing. Based in London and focused on the confident off-piste skier, Roc Noir challenges a saturated market with a fresh brand voice and a unique array of carefully produced supporting collateral.

Print: Glasgow Press    Paper: Fenner


Roc Noir brand mark
Roc Noir brand identity development sketches

Hand-crafted detail

Influenced by stone-carved typography, the visual language of ski-signage and the monolithic nature of the Roc Noir mountain range, we crafted a unique identity system for this niche retailer. Tactile printing methods such as letterpress were introduced to reinforce the brand focus on quality, while subtly referencing delicate snow impressions.

Roc Noir printed calendar poster
Roc Noir printed parcel tape
Roc Noir ecommerce website
Roc Noir various printed pieces
Roc Noir photographic art direction
Roc Noir photographic art direction